Help to build a sustainable network of digital financial/ economic inclusion in Africa and other continents of the world.
Helping to facilitate peer review and learning among policy makers and industrial organizations in Africa and other continents of the world.
Help to carry out detailed action oriented research on social/economic metrics at both the national and pan-regional levels.
Fund sourcing for members through crowd funding, venture capital, angel investors for start ups and for scale up programs / projects.
Help members engage in climate Smart agriculture/agribusiness to help fight hunger and ensure food security in Africa.
Play crucial roles by ensuring clean and sustainable environment in the world by engaging in (zero CO2 emissions, reduction of plastic footprints, Zero waste programs) through the use of green energy, organic and biodegradable materials, advocacy and enlightenment programs.
Consult for members and non members alike on the best investment vehicles, opportunities in different countries, emerging markets / economies in Africa and beyond.
Help midwife cohorts / incubator/ accelerator programs tailored towards the achievement of SDG goals.